Double Garage and Block paved drive – Upton, Chester June- August 2016


The Allsquare crew have finished working on a large outside plot in front of a property in Upton to create a double garage for our client this summer. Below shows the pictures of various stages of progress for you to see what’s involved in this type of building work……..

WP_20160601_08_35_06_Rich (1)   WP_20160601_08_34_54_Rich (1)Diggers working on excavation

WP_20160604_08_34_30_Rich (1)   MOT Sub-Base 

WP_20160608_15_56_29_Rich (2)  WP_20160608_15_56_11_Rich (2) Mesh reinforcement

 WP_20160608_15_56_44_Rich (2)   WP_20160625_11_17_17_Pro                                                                                

Foundation preparation & Slab works

WP_20160617_08_00_01_Pro  WP_20160617_07_59_48_Pro

Block walls

WP_20160706_16_12_48_Pro WP_20160706_16_12_51_Pro WP_20160701_18_00_33_Pro

We are now at roof height and looking very good so far….

WP_20160711_16_10_06_Pro (6) WP_20160711_16_15_35_Pro (5)

Timber roof now ready for felting and slate tiles…..



Next up, driveway to lay, external walls and double garage to render



wp_20160907_18_56_33_pro Doors fitted, driveway laid, slate roof on and walls rendered and painted………beautiful.

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